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ASKED 03 Mar 2017


Help! I have major problems filling the petrol tank of my new (well, new to me) Ford Focus. The pump cuts out in a matter of seconds. Unless I depress the handle so slightly that the fuel comes out in the merest dribble it cuts out. If I press the handle too hard I get petrol splashing back out at me. I've tried numerous different petrol stations and always have the same problem so it's definitely the car not the pump. I've tried holding the nozzle at different angles and inserting the nozzle less deeply but to no avail. Hence it takes me en eternity with countless stops and starts to fill the tank. In fact I never know whether or not the tank is really full as I cannot rely on the pump cutting out when it's nearly full cocs it cuts out even when its empty. :-( Please advise. Thanks Rob

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