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Hi, I have a Fiesta 1.3. My engine...

ASKED 16/01/2017


Hi, I have a Fiesta 1.3. My engine overheating light has started to light up after I drive for about 10 minutes or more. I want to change/top up the engine cooler to see if that will fix it but dont know what coolant I should buy and where from. Cab you please advise? Do I think just need to poor the coolant into the chamber or do I need to mix it with water first? Do I first need to drain the chamber or can I just top it up? If I need to drain the chamber, how do I do that? Please advise with instructions. Many thanks.


If you change the coolant you can add any type of anti freeze, if it is to be topped up you must use the same type, any Ford dealer supplies both. To drain the coolant, the easiest way is to remove the lower hose off the radiator (be carefull if the coolant is hot) Refit the hose and replenish the anti freeze. When you top up coolant mix it with water 50/50 No need to when replenishing