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Dear people of JenningsFord, I recent...

ASKED 16/01/2017


Dear people of JenningsFord, I recently had a leakage fixed (t-stat housing & t-stat replaced by Ford dealer) After that I'm having some trouble with my fans and cooling. I went back three times and they could not find the cause of this particular problem. Perhaps you have an idea? Whenever I start driving (engine cold) and get on to the highway everything is fine (cools like a charm!) Scenario: engine heats up to 100 degr.C -> Fan 1 kicks in (temp. stays normal) At about 120 km.h. temp. rises to about 110 degr.C Fan 2 kicks in and temp. engine stays normal (108 degr.C) BUT when I leave the highway and come into slower traffic (temp. between 100-110 degr.C) both cooling fans keep running (A/C off!) and temp. stays above 100 degr.C Demanding quite a lot of power of the engine (display sometimes flickers) When I pull over and let the engine idle for a while temp. drops slowly and both fans only shut off below 110 degr.C When I take it to the Highway again temp. rises to about 112-116 degr.C and does not go down unless I lower my speed. What could be the cause of such a problem? A bad relay (if so which one?) or a faulty resistor (fanshroud) or even a problem with the A/C?


it will have to go to the local Ford dealer