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I am having a terrible time trying to fi...

ASKED 16/01/2017


I am having a terrible time trying to find out how much it should cost to fix my EAC fault on my fiesta. I was told by my ford dealership that it was one of three things and i would have to start at point one...a new choke pedal. I have had to have the Choke pedal replaced which cost £80 but that worked for a day and then the EAC fail started coming on again along with the engine management sign. I took it back to the ford dealer who said that it will cost me a further £720 to have the car fixed, and there are no guarantees this will stop it! surely this is a bit too expensive, something to do with possibly needing a new ecu ? i have typed in EAC fail into google and hundreds of people seem to have a problem with this and i am finding it very frustrating and my partner has now said he wants a second opinion from another garage. The car has only done 15,000 miles in 4 and a half years and has been fully serviced and well looked after. Should it cost this much or am i being taken for a ride? or is this a known fault? nobody seems to be talking any sense


this does seem a bit exessive, i would seek a second opinion