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Hi, I have recently purchased a 56 plate...

ASKED 16/01/2017


Hi, I have recently purchased a 56 plate 2.0 TDCI Focus. It is a year old with 11k on the clock. I have had the following messages come up twice in the last two weeks: "Engine System Fault" followed by "ESP System Fault" - these messages are displayed in the dash / trip computer area and the Engine fault has a corresponding red LED on the left of that area lit while the ESP fault lights an amber LED on the right. The ESP light also comes on in the speedo dial. Both times the AA have been out, told me no fault codes are stored, cleared the messages and the car seems fine. Both times occurred while the car was still relatively cold and under acceleration (one time accelerating hard and the other accelerating normally) - the faults seem to kill the car's power - limp mode? I have the car booked in at a dealer next week but would be interested in any thoughts you had and if you'd seen the problem before. The only mention I can find online about it suggests a faulty weld on the intercooler pipe? It's a real shame as I really like the car but currently have no confidence in it. Many Thanks, Jason.


it will have to go to the local Ford dealer