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hi i have a v reg 2.3 for galaxy.for a c...

ASKED 16/01/2017


hi i have a v reg 2.3 for galaxy.for a couple of months now i have been having a problem with it and i am at my wits end as to what is causing it.when i am driving in the lower gears say i have just pulled away in first and sometimes while i am driving in second the car is really slow and sometimes judders then all of a sudden seems to get its power back then shoots off.i have changed the plugs,oil filter,air filter and fuel filter but it still happens.When i changed the plugs it rectified it for about a week.I have also noticed that when i am static at a junction the car revs at 1000rpm but it keeps dipping then comming back up like it is struggling.I have taken the car to a garage,they put the car on the computer but no codes came up.I asked them where we go from here and was told not sure it may be something you will have to put up with.needless to say i will not use them again. i hope you can shed some light on this.thanks


hi would take this to my local Ford dealership and ask them to look into the problem for you