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Hi, i have a ford fiesta courier 1.3...

ASKED 16/01/2017


Hi, i have a ford fiesta courier 1.3 R reg Van, Which keeps cutting out at junctions and has lost power some times it wont even pull off in 1st and then you just feel the engine like kicks in and it pull really good. and some times im driving a long and it starts to kangaro and if this means anything if i go down the motorway the max speed i can get is 72mph no faster and it take about 15 mins on flat ground to get from 60 to 70 with my foot all the way down on the accelerator pedal. more info to try and cure the problems i have had a new idol valve fitted and a new tps sensor oh and a starter motor and before i had the above done i had plenty of power and reached 70 very easily. please help me many thanks ben


this could be a few causes the best i can advise is to get your local dealer to carry out a road test for you