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Hello, I have a ford fiesta 1996 1.25 en...

ASKED 16/01/2017


Hello, I have a ford fiesta 1996 1.25 engine, 40 000 miles on it. In the last three weeks it ate 2l of oil. Apart from that, it is often haunting, loosing power, especially on high rpm as well as wobbling. It has nothing to do with cold or hot engine, wet or cold, or whatever weather -- it can happen anytime, randomly, periodically. Although the most problems are on the motorway, when driving fast, on high rpm -- it is wobbling for a while, and that it is fine again. .. I went to service (not ford) twice and they didn't find anything (although between those 3 weeks it lost 2 l of oil). My friend, who used to work for Ford, told me that it is to do with engine calibration and that the software update will solve everything. Meanwhile, when I told that to Ford service, they said it won't fix the problem and offered me to book the car in for diagnostics (which I had twice anyway). Any solutions?


the loss of oil may be due to it getting burnt in the engine this should be carried out by your dealer, if oil is being burnt this could give you running concerns