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I have a 52 plate Ford Fusion 3 the engi...

ASKED 16/01/2017


I have a 52 plate Ford Fusion 3 the engine management light came on and i took it back to the garage i bought it from and they said it had a fuel mixture fault it...their diagnostic machine came up with the error codes of PO130 and PO134 they said that they had repaired the fault... its my understanding that the engine management light should come on when the ignition is switched on and goes off after a few seconds when the engine is started...the light now doesn't come on at all...also when i got the car back from the garage i had to reset the my limited knowledge of the newer computerised functions of the car for the engine management that there is no need to diconnect the battery so i investigated further and found that the instrument panel had been removed and the security sticker there any reason the garage would need to do this if it was a "fuel mixture fault"


Yes the light should come on and then go off when first starting the vehicle