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I have been repairing Ford Transits for ...

ASKED 16/01/2017


I have been repairing Ford Transits for the best part of 20 years one of my customers run a fleet of ten 2.4TD rear wheel drive each doing a 100k a year. The 2.4TD has a problem with the starter motor drives failing due to significantly high levels of metal dust produced within the dual-mass flywheel. Lucas will no longer stand the warranty on the starter motors. I have found that the local motor factor supplies a modified flywheel the flywheel is genuine ford comes complete with clutch kit bearing fork and bolts. These are defiantly ford components the flywheels been machined as a solid flywheel without the dual-mass unit I have fitted two kits over the last few months. This week I had a Transit minibus which needed the clutch changing because of the dust problem Lucas suggest cleaning out the bell housing this is impossible without removing the gearbox I tried ordering the modified kit from the local Ford dealer the kit came and was the old version I spoke to the guy in the stores who claimed not to know anything about the modified flywheel the kit sat on the workshop floor for two days waiting for them to get in contact with the technical people at Ford. This morning I had the local factor send the modified kit and fitted that today. The factor says the modified kit is for the 2.4 the 2.0 still uses the dual-mass flywheel can you give me any advice on the points I have made I have kept the boxes that the kit and flywheel came in with the Ford numbers these are ford boxes from Turkey I think. The vehicles in the fleet that have had the modified flywheels don’t appear to have starter motor problems now the only difference is that the clutch seems to be slightly heaver on the clutch pedal.


The modified flywheel kit is advised by Ford for replacement due to exessive clutch replacements. if the vehicles do not have a problem of clutch failures there is no need to replace all the componants.