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I have an '02 Mondeo 1.8LX which had its...

ASKED 16/01/2017


I have an '02 Mondeo 1.8LX which had its clutch replaced by Jennings 10months ago (10,000miles). Now, I get a continous transmisison noise which occurs in all forward gears when on the move (not present in neutral or if clutch depressed, thus not a wheel bearing). I've been advised by your staff that it could likely be the slave cylinder and or clutch release "thrust" bearing which apparently aren't routinely renewed when replacing the clutch. Please can you advise on (1) what warranty your work has when replacing a clutch by trained Ford technicians (2)why these other components aren't renewed as a matter of course at the same time. Given the labour intensive and expensive nature of this strip-down and repair, I feel it disappointing that I wasn't advised of these other potential pit-falls at the time the work was perfomed.


a clutch has 2 years unlimited warranty provided it is a manufacturers defect, most items are checked when replacing a clutch, but if a part looks ok and the customer has not complained of any noise, then it is hard to justify replacing parts just because they could fail in future